Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

Lucy the Fairy

My first Fairy... (i don't now,what i can say about her)

When you download her as Fairy, you need the EP Supernatural!

Sims3pack + SIM-File


Skin: S-Club (1.0 A)
Eyelashes: S-Club (Design 1)
Eyebrows: S-Club (N1)
Lipstick: S-Club (N30)
Eyes: Lemonleaf
Eyeshadow: Ephemera
Eyeliner: Pralinesims
Blush: Pralinesims
Nails: Pralinesims
Hair: Poseidon God of the Sea (Cazy) / Anubis360 (Cazy) / Anubis360 (Butterfly) / Supernatural
Clothing Everyday: Elexis (V3) / Lemonleaf / Liana Sims / Puss'N Heels / Supernatural
Clothing Formal: Elexis / Elexis (V2) / Liana Sims
Clothing Sleepwear: Rusty Nail
Clothing Athletik: Icia23 / Base Game
Clothing Swimwear: Ekinege

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