Freitag, 2. November 2012

Halloween-Special Gift 2/2:You make me cry-Bloody Eyeliner[N3] for Males and Females

Hi Everybody,
this is the 2nd and last part of the Halloween-Special Gift..
So..i've make a Bloody Eyeliner for scary looking simmies..or whatever..

Informations about Eyeliner:

-its for both Genders
-its for Teen - Adult
-this have 3 recolourable Channels
-custom thumbnail


Custom thumbnail:


Skin: S-Club
Eyelashes: S-Club
Eyebrows: S-Club
Blush: S-Club
Lipstick: S-Club
Eyeshadow: Pralinesims
Eyes: Pralinesims
Hair: Peggy
Clothing: Lemonleaf
Model: me

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