Montag, 7. Januar 2013

[Retexture] Butterfly Hair-059

 EDIT 07.01.: I've forgot to write,that this retexture for all ages (but only for females) ;))

Hi Everybody,
this is my first retexture that what i ever maked :))
Please don't are badly to me,soo i can make it better ;)
(Click on the pictures for enlarge)

- Texture are by Pooklet
- Controls by Anubis
- Mesh by Butterflysims

Skin by S-Club
Eyes, Eyeshadow and Eyebrows by Ephemera
Eyeliner and Lipstick by Me
Blush by Lemonleaf
Clothing by Store / Anubis


  1. can i use it with other versions of this hair ? by the way i found it great

    1. I think,yes ;)On me,this hair didn't make any proplems

  2. I love the sims... do u have it?