Montag, 1. April 2013

No creations..for one time..

Hello Everybody,
i've say in this post, that i make every two weeks one creation,but i can't!
Because my pc is too low (i don't know why) for playing sims. I want to buy a new pc (i need new RAM, graphic card etc.) ,because this pc cannot handle this anymore.
I hope,i can release one creation for you,but i'm not sure. And i hope someone can help me with some
creation-problems,because the retexture versions (like Cazy Lazor) isn't combitable with the other version (exp: Cazy Lazor EA-Highlights + Cazy Lazor Streak-Highlights = not combitable :/ )

When someone can help me with the creation-problems,please write a mail.

Please understand it.
(i make a present as apology)

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