Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

[Retexture]Peggy 206 - Teen to Elder

I've retextured the Peggy 206 hair...it isn't new,but i like the mesh :)
Soo,i've make two versions for you..
a eacontrol-version (Version B) and a halftoned-version (Version A).
I hope you like it ^^

(Click on the pictures for enlarge)

 - Mesh by Peggy
- Textures by Me
- Controls by Anubis / Me

Version A:

Version B:

Skin by Ephemera / S-Club
Make-up by Me (unreleased) / Eternila / Ephemera / S-Club
Accessoires by IN3S / Elexis
Clothing by EP Supernatural / The Store

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