Donnerstag, 9. Mai 2013

[Retexture] RainyDrops CazyHair 10Lazor

Hello my Stalke- ehh... Followers (and other ones) xD

i've found this beautiful hair on the old website/blog Rainydrops by Cazy.
This hair is old,but i think this hair is very beautiful,but i didn't like his old textures/controls.
 I retextured this hair with streaks and make it combitable with other versions :) Hope you like it^^

Warning! Please read this information before you download

In CAS look the texture of the hair very shiny (like AdjustShinecontrol-Hair) and the ingame icons
are looking messy,but i can't repair this! But this hair didn't make any problems in the ingame.

(Click on the pictures for enlarge)

- Controls by Me / Anubis
- Texture by Me
- Mesh by Cazy

Skin by S-Club
Make-up by Me / Ephemera / Lemonleaf / S-Club
Clothing by EP Late Night

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