Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

[Retexture]Coolsims 96 Braid+Tail ❤

Hi Everyone ^^

it's 3 weeks ago,that i release retextured hairs,because i was ill :(
And now,i release this hair.. but its an old project and haven't find a way to
release it.
Its combitable with other versions ^^
I hope, you like it :)

Warning! Please read this information before you download

When you want this hair without blurry look, please make the sims detail in the
graphic option to very high! Because the hair looks blurry with lower graphic

(Click on the pictures for enlarge)

- Controls by Me / Anubis
- Texture by Pooklet
- Mesh by Coolsims

Skin by Ephemera
Make-up by Ephemera / S-Club
Accessories by S-Club
Clothing by JS Sims

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